I am a fine art photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. My work focuses primarily on visualizing and interpreting the natural world, human creations, and abstract spaces.

I have always been a highly visual person. Photography allows me to express emotions sensed from the interplay of light, color, textures, and form created through the juxtaposition and counterpoint of structural elements in the visual world. I find strong emotional connections to subject matter ranging from the largest scales showing the bones of the earth to the geometric details, patterns, and colors found in small subjects like flowers. At these two extremes of scale are realized both the organic and the inorganic, through common threads of light, color, texture, and form. From visualization through interpretation execution in a particular medium, I strive to make each of my works an expression rather than a presentation.

I have been engaged in photography and, in particular, fine art photography, for several decades. I studied fine art and large format photography under two masters who were originally students, then colleagues of Ansel Adams: Howard Bond and Hosain Mosavat. I have been strongly influenced by the work of Ansel Adams, Elliott Porter, and Bruce Barnbaum.

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