_dsc8375-edit-edit-edit-edit-with-borderI call this image “Revelation” because of its Biblical overtones. In this visualization, the setting sun, illuminating a series of inter-mountain basins of the Arizona desert, virtually screams “Behold!” Here’s the backstory for this image: Returning from a Northern Arizona ghost town shoot, I found myself driving directly into the setting sun while descending a narrow, winding mountain road. Layers of desert dust and thin clouds diffused the low sun to make driving nearly impossible. After pulling to the roadside to wait until after sunset I noticed the basins between the mountains filling with the most glorious combination of light and shadow. There was little time to capture this with the sun just over 2 degrees above the horizon. With a 70mm lens, I metered the exposure on mountains away from the sun and then underexposed one stop. Aiming the camera was difficult because I didn’t dare risk eye damage by looking through the viewfinder directly into the Sun. I accomplished this using the image on the camera monitor. When shooting directly into the sun, I always block the sun from entering the camera between frames, unblocking just long enough to get the exposure. In this way, I ran through a series of exposures during a period of about 10 minutes. This website’s banner is another image from this sunset series.
Revelation” is available in various media from my SmugMug store. Note: In the image above, I extended the bottom border to move it above the top of the blog title.

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